Extraordinarycomedy blends with fantastic illusions and cutting edge magic when MYSTICALMAGICAL MERMAN takes the stage! Experience Family entertainment at its finestwith quick-witted MerMan, as he amazes and delights with incredible illusionslike THE FLOATING LADY, The TARANTULA’s KISS or Cutting a Lady in Sixpieces.

Such shows includeCOMEDY & ILLUSION, MerMan’s Magical Mania, The YAMShow , Magical Pirate Adventure (a twelve week sell out inColonial Williamsburg), and our most popular educational program Bully You,Bully Me, Learn to be Bully Free.

With a multitude ofvaried performances including Family nights, dinner theater, and educationalprograms — can tailor a program to fit your every need.  No matter whereyou are, we can come to you!

Merman Productions, INC.
PO Box 14121
Norfolk, VA 23518

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