How many years has it been since you saw a magician? Can you remember the excitement as he produced live animals at his fingertips? Or the smiles as students come on stage to help? Seeing a real magician perform is an experience that most of us never forget. Yet most of your students have probably never had this experience.


Now an organization (any organization) in your school can make all this possible and add funds to their treasury at the same time. By inviting our 90 minutes show to your school, the organization will receive 40% to 50% of the gross ticket sales. The admission charge is usually less than the price of a movie ticket and we work with you and your organization to make the tickets as affordable as possible. The show may be presented in the afternoon, in the evening (so parents may attend) or on Saturdays.


The real magic is that we require no guarantee from your school and we furnish tickets, posters and other materials needed to advertise the show. Not interested in raising money, but still want to have a great show.  We have many other options and most of them are still at no cost to your organization!


We actually select a student from your audience and make them FLOAT IN MID AIR!