We have about 25 different programs to offer. The following is a list of our most popular shows:


1) “MerMan’s Y.A.M. Show” (You Are Magic!)
30-40 min. Program for assemblies or family nights.
This excitement-filled program helps develop self-esteem and confidence through the presentation of simple tactics and self-styled change that make a world of difference. Participants are encouraged to realize they can do anything that they put their minds to. This program also helps participants find a starting place for a lasting journey toward personal accomplishment.


2) “MerMan’s Magical Mania”
35-60 min Program for assemblies or special events.
Comedy, magic, theater, audience participation and more are used in this fast-paced program designed with one goal: FUN! Participants will experience a professional magic show (not the birthday party magic they’ve witnessed in the past) that will leave them in spellbound! Can also include THE FLOATING WOMAN, TRIBUTE TO HOUDINI, or THE TARANTULA’S KISS!


3) “MerMan’s Wonders of the Holiday”- (many variations include Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, St Patrick’s Day, Halloween and more)
35-45 min Program for any event.
This the same great show but with a holiday theme. Whether it’s leprechauns for the 17th, goblins for Halloween, flags for the 4th or jolly elves each program uses magic and illusions that fit the theme of the season. This is a great way to present the message of the holidays and is great fun for all in attendance.


4) “MerMan’s Magical Pirate Adventure”

Yo, Ho, Ho, and a whole lot of Fun. This program is similar to magical mania but done in swashbuckling attire. The entire program is performed with a pirate theme and teaches students a little bit of history while they are having fun. All participants can receive their own swashbuckling trinkets to take home!


5) “MerMan’s Comedy and Illusion Show”

60-75 min for assemblies, family night, and fund-raisers.
Extraordinary comedy combines with old fashioned magic and dazzling illusions when MerMan’s Comedy and Illusion Show comes to town. Experience clean, rib cracking, family fun as the quick witted MerMan amazes you and yours with fascinating magic and one of a kind illusions like THE FLOATING WOMAN, TRIBUTE TO HOUDINI, or pulls out all the stops with his special bag of tricks that can include: THE TARANTULA’S KISS, CUTTING A LADY IN SIXTH, or THE MAN IN THE BOX. Don’t miss this one of a kind event!


6) The Magic of Being Bully Free
60-70 minutes for Family Nights All ages.
Similar to Comedy and Illusion show but 20 minutes of the show has been replaced with 20 minutes of the highlights of “Bully You Bully Me Learn to be Bully Free” Assembly program. This program is designed to get the parents to attend an evening event that normally wouldn’t show up. This program also works in conjunction with the “Bully You Bully Me Learn to be Bully free” assembly.  Ask about our package deal on assemblies and family night Combos.

Also keep in mind that each show is designed to fit your needs.  Programs can be used for fundrasing.