We have many different shows to choose from. Theme shows, educational programs, fund-raisers, and more. Here are the most popular:






MerMan’s Magic Show (30-35 minutes)

Great for birthdays, fairs festivals, and family events


MerMan’s Magical Mania (35-60 min)

Great show for all type events


MerMan’s Magic Grab Bag Show (30 minutes)

Perfect for birthdays, day-cares, summer camps


MerMan’s Magical Pirate Adventure (35-50 minutes)

Program for the entire family


MerMan’s Wonders of the Holiday (35-45 min)

Program for any event (many variations include Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, St Patrick’s Day, Halloween and more)


MerMan’s Magic Circus Show(35-75 minutes)

Great for all ages and can be offered as a family night, fund-raiser, dinner and a show or for your next special event.



Witch doctor does magic, fire-eating, and fortune telling for walk-around or can be done as a show.


The Charming Cheat

Great for casinos, picnics, private parties, corporate events, festivals, fairs. The charming  cheat can be stationary at a table or walk-around.


MerMan’s Comedy & Illusion Show (55-90 minutes)

Can include intermission family nights, stage shows, fund-raisers, dinner and a show, etc





Bully You, Bully Me Learn to be Bully Free (40-50 minutes)

Assembly for k-9 grades - This bully free program is designed to help students and teachers understand what it means to be a bully, the different types of bullying, and give them non-violent solutions to overcome negative situations


The Magic of Being Bully Free (60-90 minutes)

Presentation for the entire family - Program discusses bullying with families in a way that’s easy to understand, yet exciting and fun.


The Bully in All of Us-Thinking Outside the Box (45-90 minutes)

Workshop for Teachers, staff and parents - This program brings to light some of the many causes of bullying. It explores the many facets of bullying behavior, outlines tell-tale signs of bullying and helps participants begin to realize bullying tactics.


The Y.A.M Show- (You are Magic) (30-50 minute)

Program for students or the entire family - This excitement filled program helps develop self-esteem and confidence through the presentation of simple tactics and self-styled change that make a world of difference.


BE KIND-REWIND (30-40 minutes)

Presentation for preschool -9 grade - Teaches kids about being nice to each other and how kindness can change even the worst situations.


TOLERANCE -it's a way of life! (30-40 minutes)

Presentation for preschool – adult - Why cant we all just get along? An age old question that is answered in this exciting and insightful program.